Main Storage

-14 meters high. Can stack up to 7 levels whereas other warehouses can stack up to 5 levels.
-We are introducing automated softwares which will result in effective work flow.

We have 2 warehouse facility :-
a. North Warehouse - One of the warehouses is situated in Jebel Ali north. The total plot size is of 20,000 sq. m and the built up is 14,000 sq. m of which full temperature controlled warehouse is of 3,500 sq. m and is racked.
There is also an ambient warehouse which is split into 2 chambers - chamber one is of 7,000 sq. m and chamber two is of 2,500 sq. m. Both chambers are half rack and half block storage. These chambers are well ventilated and made sure are sanitized at all levels.

We have 20 loading base at our warehouse which is very rarely found.

b. South Warehouse - The total plot size at our warehouse in the south is of 10,000 sq. m and built is 3,500 sq. m.  Also with an open yard of 3,500 sq. m.

At this warehouse we have 3 loading base and both the warehouses are with 60 Government Approved CCTV cameras for 24/7 monitoring and high security.

Storage of Tobacco, Cigarettes, E-cigarettes, Cigars, Raw Tobacco

We are an approved and certified FTA Designated Zone for excisable goods. In this designated zone, we store tobacco products like cigarettes, electronic cigarettes, cigars, raw tobacco, handmade cigars, etc.

Here, the storage requirement is special as per the product. For Handmade cigars we have an ULTRASONIC HUMIDIFIER which is needed to keep them at the right temperature to maintain the quality of the product.

Open Yard

We have adequate space to store large machinery, automobiles, and like wise items in our project cargo storage which is an uncovered storage facility i.e. an open yard, having 5,000 sq. m space which is close by to the port.

Cold Storage

At our cold storage, we stock products which are perishable and products that needs to be stored at low temperature. This facility is temperature controlled in order to meet the specific requirement of the products.

Dedicated CCTV Access

For safety of our clients products, we have 60 Government Approved CCTV cameras with maximum coverage and 24/7 high security to keep things at bay.