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From Skyline to Shoreline

G.M.T Logistics L.L.C, one of the most well known & respected names in the Middle East for logistics, warehousing & distribution, providing impeccable services and complete customer satisfaction.

Established in 2003 along with our parent company Global Maritime & Trading FZE, which is exclusive in ocean freight shipping offers facilities from coast to coast combing the best of East & West to bring forth excellence in ocean freight shipping. Having a team of qualified professionals, dedicated in the smooth functioning of services & overcoming any bottlenecks, we at G.M.T Logistics have surpassed imports & exports to more than 157 cities in 70 countries and are looking forward to many more.

We are not only limited to sea freight but include air, land, rail as well, providing all types of services across the seven continents having an air freight forwarding department. Apart from this, we also offer road transportation solutions to GCC & the Middle East.

We provide options of efficient distribution services which in return reduces supply chain cycle time and cost associated with distribution. We meet every need of every business helping them to grow and evolve with the help of our expansive resources & extremely flexible services.

We look forward to cover every logistics need of your business resulting in yours and your customers contentment.


We are passionate about exploring and growing professionally in the freight forwarding and the logistics industry in order to be strong and useful to the communities we serve.


G.M.T. Logistics provides a world of solutions to your needs. At G.M.T, we run our business with integrity, efficiency and top of the line services, providing warehousing imports, exports and logistics solutions.


Providing Our Customers an Operational Edge


Shaking Hands with Environment

Over the years, our environment is facing harmful effects due to man-made waste. The major crises that we are facing are Global Warming, which is leading to melting of ice caps at a much faster rate than estimated. Since the industrial revolution, a lot of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses are emitted into the atmosphere leading to rise in temperature. Climate change is another result of global warming.

We, at GMT Logistics, have decided to make a change. Some of the changes made by us in our facilities are, switching to LED lights powered by solar panels. We have moved to Eco-friendly packaging which is made of recycled materials. Every effort is made by us to work in a sustainable manner.

We are conscious about the environment and have moved to working in an Eco-friendly manner, saving tons of carbon dioxide.

We want to contribute to a greener logistics company and are doing every bit to make a difference. This is how we want the future of transportation to look like. We have encouraged our clients to work in an environmentally friendly manner and reduce maximum waste.

With your support, we can move ahead to a healthier and greener planet. By choosing us as your logistics partner, you choose an Eco-friendly company.